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A taste of Indian Culture at Abbotsleigh Care Centre

At Abbotsleigh we plan special events and theme days throughout the year to meet the needs and celebrate the individuality or our residents. We chose to put on an extravagant day of Indian festivities with our very own India Day on Monday 16 February.

The reason we chose India Day is because our residents and their families show an interest in the cultural background of our staff who care for their loved ones within our wonderful Home. India Day was an ideal opportunity for them to enjoy a small taste of their cultural background ‘ we began by decorating the Home with the colours of the Indian flag and all of our staff were very excited to wear traditional Indian costume while participating in a varied programme to set the scene for the day.

We displayed posters around the Home calling for our residents’ friends and family to join in with the day’s events and the feedback was extremely positive. However, for those who preferred not to take part, they were able to enjoy quieter activities in another part of the Home.

All staff at Abbotsleigh worked together for this very special occasion – including ancillary staff, domestic staff, our chef, laundry assistants and volunteer workers. Many friends and family also got involved which went to create the most amazing day. The day’s events and preparation, and cultural customs, were led by one of our Senior Carers ‘ Anthony Xavier, with support from all the staff.

The feedback from some of the residents who have some degree of capacity said they really enjoyed the day, especially the beautiful dresses and the dances which included a young female solo dancer, group dances, and a male group of dancers. One of our male residents was very excited to be asked to play the drum along to the music and he even got up to dance himself!

Other residents who have advanced stages of Dementia, from a Manager’s observational point of view, were tapping their feet or trying to hum to the music and feeling the touch of their material of the scarf they wore. Their faces lit up when they saw the younger age group and range of vivid colours.

Family members who attended India Day at our Home stated they thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to a repeat! On asking some of the residents the following day what they remembered about the day, they replied Ÿ??The music, colours, pretty dresses and the childrenŸ?

I would like to make a special thanks to all who helped plan this fantastic day which was enjoyed by so many! My personal favourite aspect was the participation of the residents and one of our relatives who got involved with the Indian dancing. I am extremely proud of the commitment demonstrated by my team, for all their hard work in making this day such a great success, and that our Managing Director and Operations Director who came along to the Home to take part in India Day.

Please get in touch if you would like more information, or would like to attend the next big event. We plan to have a similar celebration in the Summer when we’ll be able to take advantage of our surrounding, spacious gardens.

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