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Abbotsleigh Care Home build Abugsleigh Hotel for Nellsar in Bloom

Well done to the team at Abbotsleigh Care Home who created a wonderful bug hotel, aptly named ‘Abugsleigh’, for their entry into the Nellsar in Bloom’s Wildlife Engagement September Challenge.

The Abbotsleigh team came together to build a warm, sheltered complex for all the bugs who regularly enjoy their tranquil garden. Part of the hotel complex included a covered section, with a mixture of leaves and straw to provide a dry and snug area.

They included features for different types of wildlife:

  • At ‘Hedgehog Row‘ they included special hedgehog-friendly food and a supply of water.
  • At ‘Bee- line‘ they kept their flowers going for as long as possible and made special rooms for the bees.
  • For the Birds they made a ‘Love shack‘ – a true room with a view, with a regular supply of meal worms and fat balls to assist them through the winter and a private bathroom ensuite no less!
  • A little further down Leafy Lane they also added a ‘Fairyknowl‘ – a haven for the little people!

Well done to everyone involved in creating such a fun garden feature!