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Abbotsleigh Care Home completes the Around the World with Nellsar Cruise

Armchair adventure comes to a close

The ‘Around the World’ virtual cruise has been a big hit with our residents here at Abbotsleigh Care Home; we’ve finally landed back in England after six months of sailing, and what an amazing journey it’s been! In the lead-up to our final stop we played ‘Pin the Moustache on Churchill’ (rather than the cigar), and ‘Pin the Cherry on the Cake’ with our English tea.

The armchair adventure saw us ‘stop’ in Hong Kong, India, Spain, Italy, France and the Caribbean. Throughout our voyage, we’ve tried new foods and enjoyed themed fun at every destination. Our ‘return’ to England on Wednesday 11 August marked the culmination of the cruise and we disembarked in style!

We started the day with a hearty English breakfast; lunch was either fish and chips with mushy peas or British bangers and mash. We finished the day with English tea, scones and sandwiches and a chat about past holidays on British beaches, and our favourite English foods. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much!


Jenny enjoying her full English!


Tracey arranged some fun patriotic craft activities for our residents