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Abbotsleigh Care Home residents enjoy cruising to India

We had such a great time last week at Abbotsleigh Care Home as our residents and staff enjoyed celebrating Indian culture, as part of our Nellsar Cruise.

We virtually visited the Taj Mahal and in the afternoon many of our wonderful staff got ‘on board’ and dressed up in beautiful sarees for our residents, putting on a little dancing show along with music for them to enjoy, with lots of hand-made flowers. Jim loved our India-inspired back drop!

Our fabulous Chef Savio made Lamb Curry and Paneer Butter Masala for lunch, with vegetable pilau rice and garlic naan breads, followed by Carrot Halua and Culab Jamun served with vanilla ice cream.

All were absolutely delicious; our residents and staff really enjoyed their taste of India!


We’ve also been enjoying our library box recently, which has a theme of ‘childhood’ from bygone years.

It’s been fascinating looking through old newspapers and books about children’s toys from the past and our residents have really enjoyed it.