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An afternoon of gardening at Abbotsleigh Care Home

The benefits of gardening for older people are vast. It’s an enjoyable, gentle form of exercise that helps increase levels of physical activity, it helps mobility and encourages the use of all motor skills. Gardening can also help reduce stress levels, promote relaxation and it provides mental stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors.

Here at Abbotsleigh Care Home, we put the happiness of our residents first and for the residents who naturally enjoy gardening, this is an easy choice. We encourage everyone to remain as active as possible because it’s extremely beneficial for optimum physical and mental health. Taking part in group activities can also improve our sense of wellbeing as a result of the social interaction.

On a bright and beautiful sunny day last week, it was a pleasure to take some of our residents who had enjoyed a garden of their own in the past, out into our gardens to help with potting plants. They really enjoyed choosing the container and which flowers to put it.

Although people with a diagnosis of Dementia may not be able to clearly communicate their feelings with words, we understood how much these residents were enjoying themselves by the ways they were interacting with one another. It was lovely listening to them talking about the gardens they used to have before they moved to Abbotsleigh.

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