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Celebrating the 70s and cocktails at Abbotsleigh Care Home

Through the Decades 1970s

We had fun celebrating the 1970s with our staff and residents here at Abbotsleigh Care Home, with props, music and dancing.

We also tried tie-dying some tote bags with our ladies and gents – a popular craft in the 70s! They came out really well and it was fun reminiscing about the past era.

Anyone for cocktails…Abbotsleigh style?

We also had great fun on World Cocktail Day (Friday 13 May) when everyone was encouraged to up their fluid intake, with refreshments from our Hawaiian-style cocktail bar. And yes, it led to a spot of dancing!

Enjoying pastimes

And we’ve all been busy at Abbotsleigh, enjoying hobbies and the great outdoors – with everything from nerf gun shooting practice, watering our indoor plants and taking time to do puzzles, to tending to our chicks or enjoying some fresh air outside in the garden.


Enjoying a range of pastimes at Abbotsleigh Care Home

Enjoying a range of pastimes