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Chinese New Year celebrations at Abbotsleigh Care Home

Our residents at Abbotsleigh Care Home celebrated Chinese New Year this week by sampling some delicious Chinese food. Spring rolls, prawn crackers, sweet and sour chicken and fortune cookies were on the menu and we all thoroughly enjoyed them!

We had Chinese music playing in our Home, as well as Chinese props to have fun with – umbrellas, hats, fans and Chinese gowns, which really brought the celebrations to life. Our residents and staff took turns to open a fortune cookie each and read it out; this worked very well and make us giggle a lot!

Fun times with Baby Harry

Baby Harry (Recreation & Well-Being Champion Poppy’s nephew) came to visit us for the day, which was great fun. He played with our ladies and gents all day, running around and keeping them busy! He ate lunch at the table with our residents too and snuggled with them when he got tired, which was gorgeous!

Our Pet Therapy dog Ruben also came to see us. He made everybody laugh as he laid down and didn’t want to move! Never mind Ruben, maybe you’ll be more chipper next time you come!

Dignity Action Day

To celebrate Dignity Action Day we held a morning ‘DigniTEA‘ party, which was fantastic. We had tea with a variety of delicious cakes, which always goes down well with our residents. It was a lovely occasion with plenty of chatter and most people wore a home-made heart on their sleeve, which we had made the day before on ‘Inspire Your Heart With Art Day’.

Our staff, including one of our lovely Care Assistants, Sreelatha Menon, enjoyed being involved in the preparations for the day and then the day itself, when we all got to spend plenty of one-to-one time with our residents.