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Nutrition and Hydration Week fun at Abbotsleigh Care Home

Our residents and staff at Abbotsleigh Care Home had a busy calendar of learning, teaching, making and tasting during Nutrition and Hydration Week!

Thirsty Tuesday
We made our own fruit juices and smoothies, using fresh fruit in our juice blender, squeezing fresh oranges and tasting flavoured water. Eileen enjoyed the fruit so much that she walked up the to the smoothie making station with her mouth open ready for Poppy to pop raspberries in her mouth!

Fruit snack Wednesday
We had snacks filled with fruit, with a nice cup of tea. We also enjoyed muffins topped with fruit, raspberry tarts, apple pies and a lemon flan. These were washed down with different flavoured teas – we tried raspberry, lemon, green and ginger tea.

Breakfast club Thursday
Roxanna and Alex our Chef prepared a lovely ‘Breakfast Club’ which offered a wonderful selection of tasty breakfast items; along with our usual offering, we added rice cakes topped with peanut butter and sliced banana, banana sandwiches, fruit and yogurt, and pancakes with fruit and syrup. Kenneth told us “This is my favourite, I love it!’ as we passed him a banana sandwich!

Fishy Friday
We had a fish tasting session in the afternoon on Friday. We tried bite-sized fish cakes, fish pie, fish fingers and battered cod, all with the choice of tartar sauce. These went down very well!

Staff standing at a trolley filled with breakfast options such as pancakes