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Pancake Day at Abbotsleigh Care Home

Flippin’ good fun

From pancake crafts and chit chat, to tossing pancakes in the lounge, we had a great day on Shrove Tuesday at Abbotsleigh Care Home.

Just for fun, our Recreation and Well-Being Champion Tracy made some paper pancakes with residents and enjoyed talking about the good old days tossing pancakes, whilst getting ready for the real deal.

Our Manager Alina is a keen pancake maker and she makes the very best! She set up stall in the lounge area, making delicious pancakes for our ladies and gents; “The more the merrier!” she said, and everyone had some. Our resident Brenda said they were “Delish!”.

Our lovely residents shared with us their favourite recipes as we all loudly counted out the ingredients and the amounts. Our enthusiasm got us carried away – five to six eggs became 10 eggs in all the excitement!