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PAT dog cuddles and armchair Olympics at Abbotsleigh Care Home

We’ve been busy recently at Abbotsleigh Care Home with a varied calendar of activities.

Our lovely resident Ann enjoyed time with a very real looking baby doll. Her mothering instincts came back instantly and as she ‘cradled the baby’. It was wonderful to see this nurturing in her and she was very calm and relaxed as she looked after her special bundle.

Our gorgeous PAT dog Ruben came to visit us for more cuddles this week, making us all smile with his sweet nature and calm spirit.

Eileen enjoyed playing ‘Armchair Olympics’, knocking over red tin cans and making as much noise as she could – great fun!

And who doesn’t love a selfie? Jill and Kumari had great fun taking photos of themselves in our lounge. Looking good ladies!