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Abbotsleigh Care Home residents have a Kingfisher adventure

Our Abbotsleigh Care Home residents had a lovely outing on the Kingfisher boat recently.

We were thankful the weather had cooled and it was a delightful cruise along the Medway river.

Along the way, we saw a very special boat docked, called Daphne which was one of the smallest boats that went to the Dunkirk rescue mission in the second world war – what a little hero she is!

The wildlife was very friendly to us and the swans knew to come up to our boat for some food!

Two of our residents were able to become skippers for the afternoon and had a go at steering the boat – they each received certificate for their efforts, and so did our lovely new recruit Nicola.

Well done skippers!


Abbotsleigh Care Home residents on a boat trip